As DocksThe Future enters the last stretch of the project, the partners met in Genova, to work on the project’s upcoming results. The meeting of the project’s partners was held in Genova 5-6 Feb 2020.

Minutes of the Meeting for the first day – 5th February 2020 – are  summarised as per below:

At the beginning of the meeting it was stressed the fact that, at least for part of the topics, the full set ot DTF tool (PCI, DSS, transferability) should be usable at the end of the project.    

WP3– ISL presented the progress and updates on WP3. In order to support the Task 3.5 – PCI Assessment (Evaluation of results of the selected cloud clustered projects by means of the Projects Common Index), the Consortium agrees on supporting the data gathering for D3.5 as a joint exercise between all partners .

WP5-Unige presented the progress and updates on WP5. Unige stressed that the outcome is to identify how much of a measure is used within a SO and how much of the SO is covered by the project and its measures, also up to the level of tactical objectives.  

Network of Excellence–Circle presented the Network of Excellence, main principles, functioning, goals of the network and the analysis phases that conducted to the proposed structure. NoE will be a voluntary cooperative platform gathering the most innovative ports that want to team up and take actions to help the maritime community achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, following the roadmap set by the new 2050 European Green Deal. The NoE is:

  • A tool supporting ports to develop innovative projects to achieve their sustainable goals targets, using the opportunities brought by the EU Green Deal Policy.
  • A platform to promote their ideas of the port of the future, implementing innovative co-funded projects and driving the policy changes.
  • A tool to enrich the dialogue with other organizations within the Network or with other European Technology Platforms/International Associations/ Ports and maritime clusters.

The first day of the meeting ended with the presentation by Circle on the main outcomes coming from the first ICC and an overview of the Green Deal concept.


Minutes of the Meeting for the second day -6th February 2020 – are  summarised as per below:

The meeting started with the Project Management presentation by Circle. The topics covered and the agreed actions are as follows:

  • Analysis of the Project Officer recommendations and agreed actions on how to answer :
    • Include the AIVP survey in D5.5- and a reference to the AIVP survey in D3.5 , and the minutes of the first ICC conf call in D5.5.
    • Invite some neigh countries representative to the next workshop with experts ( asking also to AIVP ). Engage MED 
  • Cooperation with RIAs: before asking for the intervention of the PO to stimulate the feedback of the RIAs
  • Potential participation to the IAPH2020 World Ports Conference in Antwerp (March 2020).
  • Next workshop with experts
  • Final Conference


WP4 – Magellan presented the progress and updates on WP4. Main points:

  • DTF at ALICE ETP stand during TRA2020 in further collaboration with Univ. of Turku on the 29th of April (to be confirmed)
  • DTF in Helsinki TRA2020 under the subject
  • More interactive but shorter conference TEN-T days in Croatia on 13-15 May PoF network stand
  • Final report June 2020