Docks The Future’s 2nd International Consultative Committee (ICC) meeting was held on 28 April 2020

The second International Consultative Committee’s meeting of the DocksTheFuture project took place on 28 April 2020 between 10-11. The Objective of the conf.call was: How to develop the “ Relation with Med & Neighbouring Countries”, and to add a specific chapter on this topic to the Deliverable D.5 of the project.  For this purpose, four below… Read more »


Intermediate Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities (I)

    Purpose of the Intermediate Report on Communication and Dissemination Activities (I) The primary purpose of D4.3 – Intermediate Report on Communication and Dissemination Activites (I) is to report on the Communication and Dissemination activities implemented in the first 9 months of the project (January to September 2018) to promote DocksTheFuture and its outcomes… Read more »


Data Management Plan

  The deliverable outlines how the data collected or generated will be handled during and after the DocksTheFuture project, describes which standards and methodology for data collection and generation will be followed, and whether and how data will be shared. The purpose of the Data Management Plan (DMP) is to provide an analysis of the… Read more »


Data Management Plan- Update I

  EU LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR PRIVACY, DATA PROTECTION AND SECURITY Privacy is enabled by protection of personal data. Under the European Union law, personal data is defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. The collection, use and disclosure of personal data at a European level are regulated by the following… Read more »