Transferability Analysis (TA) Tool

In this course we will address the Transferability Analysis (TA) and Port of the Future (PoF) TA Methodology. The objective is to get familiar with the know-how of the concept and vision of Port of the Future 2030 and how to transfer projects to other EU ports and in EU neighbouring countries.

Project Common Index (PCI) Tool

The PCI course will make familiar with the DockstheFuture objectives and KPIs, help you identify and formulate your own strategic objectives and finally help you evaluate your own projects, project ideas with the PCI Tool in the PCI Excel Tool video series. Instructors: Sönke Maatsch & Thorsten Friedrich, ISL

Decision Support System (DSS) Tool

This course has the objective to transferring knowledge in DSS (Decision Support System). The tool aim facilitating every decision looking ate strategic objectives of future European ports’ goals, becoming the liaison between DSS and the 2030 Vision of European ports. Instructors: Alessio Tei & Nicola Sacco, University of Genoa