The DocksTheFuture project aims at defining the Port of the Future, meant as a near future (2030) which should face challenges related to simplification and digitalisation of processes, dredging, emission reduction, energy transition, electrification, smart grids, port-city interface and the use of renewable energy management.

For that purpose, DocksTheFuture will produce a series of results taking into account each of the project’s objectives, which shall be made available on this page, namely, among others:

Definition of the Port of the Future Concept – Up-to-date description of how a Port of the Future will be in terms of:

  • Concepts;
  • Topics and target to be reached in 2030;
  • Projects to be clustered.


Clustering of retained proposals, actions (this call, other calls and other activities in the sector):

  • Activities will provide a proper baseline of projects and activities of interest under the specific theme of “Port of the Future” that will clustered in specific clouds related to the different Port of the Future Topics.


Analysis of the selected projects and activities of Interest: ctivities will define the “added value” of the projects and activities of interest and their potential impacts for port’s activities in the coming years

  • Set of identified KPI’s;
  • Score-card for each project/activities related to monitoring and evaluation of results.


Definition and deployment of dedicated dissemination Activities:

  • Activities will enhance the awareness of the Port of the Future concept and of the related activities of other initiatives funded by the EU Commission.


Definition and deployment of proper exploitation tools:

  • Port of the Future 2030;
  • Exploitation Road Map and related tools.