Trelleborg Marine Systems is stressing the importance of ‘hyper-collaboration’ to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability of operations for green smart ports of the future.

The global mooring specialist will discuss the technologies that are available, how they can be used in practice and how they might evolve going forward, at the upcoming Green Maritime Forum (23 to 24 April) in Hamburg, Germany. “Shipping and ports are ripe for disruption, as big data, artificial intelligence and automation force a drastic change in the business models of today,” said Tommy Mikkelsen, managing director of Trelleborg’s Marine Systems operation in Denmark.


“The ‘Port of the Future’ vision sees vessels, ports and hinterland transport becoming part of a connected ecosystem. This will require collaboration throughout the supply chain, which necessitates a common platform for communication and data sharing, with shared standards and processes.”


Working smarter

Working smarter he said is a necessity as the shipping industry faces globalisation of operators, increasing scale and utilisation of vessels and with the expectation of ever-improving efficiencies. Trelleborg has developed a technology platform called SmartPort which offers a standardised way to collect and store data and help improve operational efficiency. SmartPort aims to realise the critical interface between ship and port, on land and at sea, by helping to increase safety, reduce costs, achieve greater sustainability and increased revenue return. The Green Maritime Forum will focus on the expansion and development of green shipping related processes.

Source: GreenPort