Valencia, Spain – The final meeting of the “INTER-IoT – Interoperability of Heterogeneous Platforms with the Internet of Things” project, funded by the European Commission through the H2020 program, has been held last at the Valenciaport Foundation.

The Inter-IoT project, which has obtained great success in the final evaluation developed by the European Commission, is framed in the interoperability at different levels of the systems of different companies so that data can be exchanged to create new services. This allows integrating the systems of a company in a simple way and without having to make changes.

Specifically, the Valenciaport Foundation has led the pilot developed in the Port of Valencia where some of the products implemented in the project have been demonstrated. Three different scenarios have been defined on dynamic lighting, traffic control, and access, and wind gusts detection, involving the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) and the Noatum terminal, as well as other partners of the project.

Source: Portseurope