ESPO is organising its 17th Annual Conference on 28-29 May 2020. This 17th edition of the ESPO Conference is kindly hosted by the Port of Oslo.


On 11 December, the European Commission published the European Green Deal, laying out a commitment for Europe to become the world’s first net zero emission continent by 2050. The Green Deal also refers to increased emission cuts by 2030 and more stringent air quality standards.

The 2020 ESPO Conference will discuss the concrete plans of the Commission to achieve these ambitions. Who does what? How can ports contribute? What are the most cost-effective measures? Which policy measures and which financial instruments are needed? What can other stakeholders do? Is there a coalition of the willing needed?  In short: what is the best green deal for ports?

The 17th edition of the ESPO Conference will also assess what this all means for the port-city relationship. The energy transition and the increasing call of citizens for clean air risks to cast doubt over the positive role ports play for modern cities and their citizens. Under the motto “a good city has a port”, the conference will also identify what ports are offering to cities and local communities, why they are needed and how they are part of the solution.

As usual, the ESPO conference will take you through two days of high-level and thought-provoking presentations from experts combined with high-level policy discussions between the new policy makers in the Commission and Parliament and port industry representatives. These very promising networking events which the Port of Oslo is setting up for the delegates is one of the many reasons why we firmly recommend you to block these dates in your agenda!

More information to come in February 2020 at