INTESA Project establishes a network among the National Maritime Administrations of Italy and Croatia and the main Port Authorities of the Adriatic Sea (Venice, Trieste, Ravenna, Ancona, Bari, Rijeka, Ploče and Split).

The scope is to harmonise and optimise the entire maritime transport procedures in order to make port and maritime transport system more efficient and safer.

Specifically, the project is dedicated:

  • To strengthen maritime safety & security through the creation of a cross-border framework for monitoring and data sharing.
  • To develop a reliable and resilient transport maritime network connected with the hinterland, in order to reduce procedural constraints and bureaucratic burden.
  • To develop a competitive Adriatic Port System through the facilitation of information exchange between ships and onshore competent authorities.


INTESA Project Brochure Italian

INTESA Project BrochureEnglish

INTESA Project BrochureCroatian

INTESA project is labelled as EUSAIR relevant for PILLAR 2: CONNECTING THE REGION, with reference to the development of maritime safety and security and a competitive regional intermodal port system, underlying the strategic added value at cross-border level between Italy and Croatia and at a wider scale.

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