Kalmar is introducing an electric version of its Ottawa T2 terminal tractor, featuring lithium-ion (Li-on) battery technology and a fully electric powertrain that produces zero emissions at source. The machine is designed for trailer-handling operations in dispersed warehouses, container terminals and other applications where short-distance highway travel is required.

Gina Lopez, vice president of terminal tractors at Kalmar, said: “With the regulations relating to vehicle emissions becoming increasingly strict, more and more businesses are seeking alternatives to the diesel-powered container and trailer-handling equipment. The solution would help customers’ bottom line and improve their productivity while enhancing their sustainability credentials, she added. According to the manufacturer, the powertrain is much cheaper to run than a comparable diesel machine while it also has fewer moving parts, allowing for faster servicing and longer intervals between maintenance breaks. The model has an on-board inverter charger, allowing it to be charged during natural working breaks. The battery monitoring system displays the battery charge status and indicates to the driver when a recharge is required.

The unit offers benefits to drivers, added the Finnish company, with the electric powertrain offering “smoother acceleration and more power at the top end compared to a diesel-powered machine, enabling drivers to feel more in control”.  It also generates less noise, vibrations and heat and no fumes, improving the working environment in the cabin.


Source: Container-mag