Italian shipowning association AssArmatori has suggested four extraordinary measures that the state should adopt to deal with the impact on port and road traffic and on the local and national economy of the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa.

According to Assarmatori, it is necessary to implement four measures to address the crisis. First of all, the construction in the shortest possible time of a new bridge, recreating the east-west route cut off by the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. And this regardless of the execution of the strategic works on the Genoa-Rotterdam European connection axis, named Terzo Valico, the Genoa Railway Hub and the Gronda motorway.

The association also called for “the launch of an ad hoc operation that would allow the railway service to be speeded up and made less expensive to and from the port. The action on the Campasso line goes in the right direction, but specific measures are needed for the establishment of shuttle services, and preferential rates for manoeuvres”.

Furthermore, AssArmatori asks for “the acceleration in the establishment of the Marebonus at European level, which will allow for the incentive and further development of the Motorways of the Sea” as well as “the timely application of the regulatory framework for project cargo transport”.

AssArmatori also recommended the appointment of an extraordinary commissioner to put in place special procedures regarding Genoa port.

Source: Portseurope