Niedersachsen Ports has launched an initiative to implement and coordinate a sustainability management system with the aim of ensuring continuous improvement of processes for a sustainable future.


Its ‘Green Port Officer’ (GPO) project across its sites consists of different sustainability measures; changing light sources from traditional halogen lights to low carbon LED lights, e.g. in offices and storage areas; optimising the heating system at the Port of Emden, saving costs and energy; offering a discount for ECO ships, docking at the port; and implementing an intelligent lighting system at a trackfield in the Port of Emden.

Dr Matthäus Wuczkowski, head of sustainability management at Niedersachsen Ports, said: “We wish to pave the way for a sustainable development of ports. We have developed a sustainability strategy for the ports, that consists of concrete goals and measures to ensure concentration on the main aspects that can make a difference, and by triggering operative projects that reduce carbon emission throughout the ports.”


More communication

With the aim of becoming a “responsible future oriented organization by 2025”, Niedersachsen Ports intend to use GPO to strengthen sustainability communication in order to raise awareness and boost ownership of sustainability among employees, as well as motivation to reduce carbon emissions. Niedersachsen Ports is a partner of the DUAL Ports project, which aims to decarbonise Regional Entrepreneurial Ports (REPs) ́ resources through a shared eco-innovation port programme that minimises their environmental footprint. The progress made and best practice examples in GPO will be shared with other partners of the DUAL Ports project. The knowledge gained will also be shared with other ports.

Source: GreenPort