Hyster Europe will be revealing new efficient developments to the energy recovery system of its 48t zero-emissions electric container handler at TOC Europe.

Hyster electric container handler

The systems are expected to extend the drive cycle of the truck using recovered energy, providing a longer operating time before the recharge is necessary and enabling it to achieve the same performance as a diesel-fueled truck.

“Recovering energy in a smart way provides maximum energy efficiency,” said Jan-Willem van den Brand, director big truck product strategy & solutions for Hyster Europe. “Our new systems that recover, and store, energy from lowering loads and braking are expected to support an extended drive cycle, increasing uptime and profitability while also helping to reduce the energy costs of charging.”

Lithium-ion battery

During a TECH TOC seminar, Mr van den Brand and Willem Nieuwland, project manager at the Hyster-Yale Group, will also discuss the progress of the container handling truck, which will be powered by electric motors receiving energy from a lithium-ion battery and is currently in testing.

Included in the discussion will be a different power and charging options that the truck is expected to offer, including lithium-ion batteries of varying sizes and possible future options where batteries will be combined with fuel cell technology.

“The Big Truck charging challenge won’t go away because it requires a high level of energy to be drawn in a short space of time, but operations will be able to manage to charge through the right infrastructure,” said Mr van den Brand.

h the right infrastructure,” said Mr van den Brand.