COREALIS is one of the three RIA’s funded under H2020 MG-7.3-2017, topic: “The Port of the future”.

COREALIS is developing an innovative framework for assisting cargo ports in handling their upcoming and future capacity, traffic, efficiency and environmental challenges. It is benefitting from disruptive technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, next generation traffic management and emerging 5G networks.
COREALIS is implementing beyond state of the art, financially viable innovations for future ports. These will optimise the port land use by requiring minimum infrastructure upgrades, while at the same time respecting circular economy principles and improving the urban life quality. The innovations will be implemented and tested in real operating conditions in 5 Living Labs (Piraeus, Valencia, Antwerp, Livorno and Haminakotka ports).

The Kick-off Meeting was organised at the beginning of May 2018 (6th-7th) in Athens, Greece, to landmark the beginning of the project and streamline the initial course of action. The project goals were highlighted and the 10 Work Package leaders explained their roles, responsibilities and visions for the port of the future. The main goal of the meeting was to provide a complete project go-through, iterating on the project innovations as well as Living Labs’ expectations and organise the activities of the first semester.
During the first five months, the COREALIS Consortium has successfully organised five Focus Groups (FG), one per COREALIS Living Lab. The purpose of these FGs was to gather stakeholders’ viewpoints on port current challenges and co-create scenarios that will be implemented and evaluated during the project course. Interesting interactive co-design sessions, as well as productive brainstorming sessions, paved the way for the identification of such scenarios and for elaborating and discussing the challenges for port stakeholders.
In parallel with the FGs, a systematic and comprehensive recording of current, mid-term and long-term challenges, enablers and barriers took place, through an online survey. The survey was circulated through partners’ secure contact channels to a number of relevant stakeholders who substantially contributed to the identification of the port-city stakeholders that constitute the ecosystem of a smart port and its surrounding urban space.

Finally,COREALIS proceeded with the identification of the Port of the Future needs and requirements, properly framed to assist the design and development of the proposed innovations. The results will be documented and they will be available during the second semester of 2019.
A presentation of the survey highlights took place during the first COREALIS plenary meeting in Antwerp on 3rd -4th of October 2018.


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Project Coordinator
Dr. Angelos Amditis
Institute of Communication
& Computer Systems -ICCS


Dissemination manager
Evangelia Latsa


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