Virtual reality (VR)

The availability of a wide range of big data applications will lead to opportunities for port operators, logistics firms, and service providers to take advantage of simulation software. In this respect, different port operations could be modelled to analyze operational flows, identify the possible barriers, and evaluate various scenarios of design and throughput. The simulation will play a more important role when the automated equipment and robotic machinery are used in ports and logistics sectors. This helps in understanding the impact of these technological developments as well as how to integrate them into terminal processes and operations.

VR processes can enhance maritime companies’ training programs and also improve ship design techniques and engineering process design by enabling evaluation of ship interiors remotely and virtually. In 2015 the BIMCO/ICS survey forecast a shortfall of around 16,500 officers in maritime but a need for an additional 147,500 officers by 2025 to service the world merchant fleet. VR will play a major, increasing role in training these new officers.

For an efficient synchronization of port and logistics activities through simulation, a technology that will support a lot is virtual reality (VR). It assists via expansion of physical reality by adding layers of computer-generated information to the real environment, to support such operation simulations. In a port atmosphere, it can be achieved by visualizing enhanced feeds from infrastructure, port equipment, automated vehicles and various types of drones.

Furthermore, by providing a “virtual representation of physical assets”, the cloud-empowered digital twin helps to form a supply chain that is adaptable and ready to evolve, as well as ports and terminals which expect the unexpected.


Spinview:  VISUAL IMMERSION – Putting your world in their hands by virtual reality

Spinview company believes that real-world business challenges can be solved with visual immersion.

 The platform provided by Spinview allows you to bring together any teamenhance any place and help you test and iterate productsservices and communications to find the most effective route to market.

Enhance Your Places

You can use Spinview to create stunning, accurate visualizations of entire environments to engage your clients, teams, and customers in immersive virtual reality.

By creating a digital twin image of the real world, you’re no longer limited by what is physically possible. Costly and sometimes dangerous site visits can be minimized and planned with precision.

You will also enjoy a seamless, central record of all activity from all teams accessing the space and will be able to manage all your facilities remotely.

You can even overlay your environment with live data to see the effect it’s having on your space and respond accordingly. All without opening a door.


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Delighted to announce our partnership with Q595 for our Agority service – combining professional leadership and advanced communication training with the advanced visual communications afforded by virtual reality. Spinview is huge advocates of workplace efficiency and this partnership extends our service to ensure that practical coaching can be achieved in the digital age – especially prevalent in 2020 not just for our sustainability targets but with the business impacting constraints of Covid-19. To see more of what Agority can do for you see our video and detail in the first comment or reach out to anyone at Spinview or Q595 for more information.

To see more of what Agority can do for you see our video and detail in the first comment or reach out to anyone at Spinview or Q595 for more information.


As the world looks to mitigate climate change and limit the impact of airborne health risks, international business faces the challenge of how to continue to get the best out of people separated by geography.

It’s hard to consider a drive across town, much less boarding an international flight and, if these things are affecting us individually, then the impact to business is multiplied many times over. Barriers such as these do not stop the needs of business, they just change them – significantly. How do we adapt to these changing circumstances? How does international business move beyond the need to travel?

Whilst there is no shortage of video conferencing apps or platforms and the last ten years has seen an explosion of different offerings, enhancing togetherness, providing the true sense of presence and improving user focus is still missing. None so far has managed to allow people to share more than their face, voice and screen.

That is until now.

In the race to adapt to these changing circumstances, Spinview and Q595 have joined forces to support international organisations in finding new ways to be together, communicate together and train together when they can’t physically be in the same location.

For those responsible for training, learning & development or organising international meetings, Spinview’s multi user Virtual Reality service, Agority combined with Q595’s expertise of running workshops and learning programs through VR, provides a cost-effective solution that’s also kinder to our people and planet.

“Let‘s turn challenges into opportunities. We have been experimenting for years with VR and blended learning. It works – it creates a new sense of togetherness and focus, even beyond the classroom.“ says Tobias Kiefer, CEO of Q595.

Spinview’s Agority is a virtual reality space where it is possible to connect with up to 8 people across the world and this virtual collaboration which combines the subtlety of gesture and body language, brings back the sense of presence and of having shared a physical space with another human being – so important when coaching leadership.

Q595 provides leadership solutions to organisations in the area of Leadership Training Programs, Advisory Services and Coaching. Their Leadership Academy is focused on Leadership Effectiveness, Collaboration in Teams, Personal Impact and Sales. Q595 offers Leadership Coach Training and other programs as fully blended learning journeys.

The partnership between Spinview and Q595 offers a powerful proposition that video conferencing can’t compete with, not just for the humanity of the interaction, but also through the additional connection of its intuitive media and document sharing platform.

With Spinview’s Agority platform, a Q595 facilitator is with you and it feels as present as if you were together in the same room. Click here to see Agority in action. Linda Wade, CEO said “We are excited to bring Agority to a new audience, enhancing global training with the subtleties of human interaction in order to transcend geography. We are proud to make our technology accessible for everyone and this new partnership extends our
ambition to fuse the real and digital worlds for a sustainable future.”

In sharing this partnership, Spinview and Q595 hope to support people around the world in connecting with more humility and focus, when it is needed now, more than ever. For any questions or to arrange a virtual tour, please contact and