Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia) plans to study the possible location in Teruel of a dry port or some type of intermodal installation to handle the traffic that can be generated in this enclave halfway between Valencia and Zaragoza. The modernization of the Valencia-Sagunto-Teruel-Zaragoza line will be a source of traffic enhancement, so APV wants to bring the services of Valenciaport to the industries and companies located in Teruel, and thus contribute to the development of the area.


The president of APV, Aurelio Martínez, has presented this option of Valenciaport, “which could be almost a dry port” to the representatives of the neighbouring associations of Aragon and Teruel, with whom he has had a meeting during the morning of today in the port of Valencia.

Pepe Polo, president of the Federation of Neighbourhood Associations of Teruel and president of Federación de las Asociaciones de Vecinos de Teruel (Confederation of Neighborhood Associations of Aragon), has valued this option because he believes that “bringing the port services from Valencia to Teruel would boost the industrial estates of both Teruel as Cella, so we believe that more companies could be installed in Teruel and that means more jobs and that’s a future for the province. ”

The meeting was organized at the request of representatives of the neighbourhood movement of Aragon and the Valencian Community. On the Aragonese side Pepe Polo Úbeda, president of Federación de las Asociaciones de Vecinos (AAVV – the Federation of Neighbourhood Associations) of Teruel and president of Confederación de Asociaciones de Vecinos de Aragón (the Confederation of Neighborhood Associations of Aragon); Tomás Guitare Gimeno, on behalf of Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos de Teruel (Federation of Neighbourhood Associations of Teruel); Manuel Gimeno Romero, spokesman for “Teruel Existe” and Juan A. Caballero, president of Confederación d’Associacions de Veïns i Consumidors de la Comunitat Valenciana.

The local representatives have expressed to the president of APV his “total support” for all claims carried out by the port authority of Valencia for the improvement of infrastructure and connections between Valencia and Zaragoza, and for the incorporation of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Corridor to the priority axes of the European Union.

“It is an infrastructure that guarantees social cohesion, which connects territories and people, economy and culture; and that cohesion Spain. It is a strategic work, not only for Aragon and Valencia, but for the whole of Spain, “said the representative of Valencia, Juan A. Caballero.

In this regard, he announced that “we plan to make some kind of important mobilization in Valencia to highlight the existing unity between Valencia and Aragon around this project that is fair, reasonable and, in addition, necessary”

For his part, Aurelio Martinez recalled that the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Corridor “is a need of society that citizens demand, the connectivity between two communities such as Valencia and Aragon. We have expectations in that it is carried out because there is unity of work between Valencia, Zaragoza and Teruel. It is a reasonable project that will help to articulate the country. ”

Railway line Valencia – Zaragoza

With the constant objective of expanding and improving the connectivity and intermodality of its port facilities, the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) is making an important investment effort to promote the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Corridor. Specifically, the APV has planned investments of 100 million euros: 40 million euros in the Valencia-Zaragoza railway line and 31 million euros in the construction of the rail access to the port of Sagunto. To these amounts are added the 13.6 million agreed with ADIF for the improvement, expansion and construction of 7 sidings in the railway line with Teruel with the capacity to serve trains of up to 750 meters in length.

However, the most urgent objective is to get the European Parliament to approve the amendments that have been announced by the Spanish MEPs, Inmaculada Rogríguez Piñero and Inés Ayala, so that both the Cántbro-Mediterráneo Corridor and the Valencia-Madrid connection will be considered as priorities for the European Union. Some amendments that will be presented before September 13 and will be debated during the month of October.

Source: PortsEurope