Port Technology has published an exclusive paper from Eduard Musalf, After Sales Manager at EMG Automation GmBH, who has discussed the development of the brake thruster.  

This vital piece of equipment is the last link in a chain of measures, ensuring the safety of man and machine in the event of power failure and other unforeseen circumstances.

Brake thrusters have changed massively throughout their history, developing from band brakes used in the crane and textile machinery sectors, to the intelligent, fully-connected braking systems of tomorrow.

Download the free paper from Eduard Musalf, After Sales Manager at EMG Automation GmBH

There are many areas of application for brake thrusters in automated ports and terminals, the technology proving particularly successful when subjected to heavy container loads.

Musalf also assessed the importance of standardization in his paper, emphasising that brake manufacturers, standard committees and container terminals need to cooperate.

“Safety in Automation” looks ahead to the future as well, with increasing digitization and sensor technology allowing the intelligence of braking systems to develop significantly.

PTI Assistant Editor Liam Donovan said: “This is an incredibly insightful paper that reinforces how pivotal safety measures are in automated terminals.

“By charting the past, present and future of brake thrusters, Eduard Musalf has pinpointed just one of many technologies that are evolving rapidly as ports and terminals become smarter.”

Safety in Automation will be a key topic at the Container Terminal Automation Conference 2019, which takes place May 7-8 in London, UK.

Source: Port technology