The Port of Rotterdam has published an exclusive paper with Port Technology outlining how it is currently, and how it is planning, to operate in a digital world.

Given the logistical chain is embarking upon a series of new trends – 5G, IoT, AI, among others – the paper outlines how the port is preparing for such change, even setting a vision to facilitate completely autonomous ships by 2030.

Read the Port of Rotterdam Technical Paper; 42km of Connected Complexity


The paper has been written by Vincent Campfens, Business Consultant with the Port of Rotterdam.

Campfens offers a unique insight into the business case of technological innovation for the contemporary smart port and covers key issues such as cybersecurity, standardization and key activities within the port.

Campfens also offers a deep review of ‘PRONTO’, the digital service created by the Port of Rotterdam that is based upon international standards that is available worldwide.

One of the key markers of the Port of Rotterdam’s success is its willingness to be an actual innovator itself, fostering a number of creative initiatives and start-ups within its orbit, rather than waiting for the wider world to create digital solutions for it.

This level of interactivity and innovation was on display at the PTI Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies Conference held in Rotterdam on October 2-3, 2018.

At the conference, the Port of Rotterdam took a central role and provided unrivalled expertise, taking part in several key debates and conversations with leading academics, solution providers and globally renowned consultants.


Source: Port technology