PortEconomics member Michael Dooms presented the results of a survey conducted along with Bruno Moeremans (Vrije University Brussels) during the 16th World Conference of AIVP held on 11-14 June 2018 in Quebec, Canada.
Measuring the social license to operate for ports
With his presentation, Michael discussed the following issues:
a. Challenges of port managing bodies in terms of SDGs:
  • Stakeholder inclusion (needs to move from ad-hoc involvement to continuous inclusion)
  • Integrated planning (from node-based to supply chain): an efficient supply chain will be a green supply chain!
  • Adaptability and flexibility of asset utilization (shortening economic cycles, circular economy…)
b. Strategies / policies / investments
  • Smart & digital : develop and invest in transparent performance indicators (joint performance management cfr. PORTOPIA project), innovation challenges, hackathon
  • Sustainability reporting: make compulsory (cfr. legislation in some countries)
  • Review of the current business model of port development (from tonnes to investment)
c. Processes / actions
  • Develop toolkit for sustainability reporting (cfr. IAPH/PIANC WG 174; WPSP initiative)
  • Set-up joint research and innovation projects (g’ment, industry, applied academics) –develop joint business models to better understand port and stakeholder dynamics
  • Develop social license to operate the measurement

To download Michael’s presentation & see the results of the survey follow the link.

Source: PortEconomics