Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has announced its commitment to reduce emissions in cargo and material handling operations by offering fully electrically powered versions of its lift trucks by 2021, using solar power to recharge the power packs. The state-of-the-art eco-efficient range will keep the customer ahead of the game, says Kalmar. The entire range will be built around a modularised adaptable platform, with a central “smart” core and the equipment can be operated autonomously 24/7.

features of the new reach stacker include an adjustable rear axle and individual electric drive units for each wheel, a lightweight space frame boom and spreader, and standardised fully-electric power packs with the ability to self-charge from solar cells along the boom.


With smart four-way drive from the front and rear bogies, the reach stacker can operate in narrow aisles, and the rear axle can be extended to counterbalance the load. It also has the ability to “diagnose and self-repair any issue,” says Kalmar.

“Our industry is evolving at a remarkable pace,” said Kalmar President Antti Kaunonen. “Governments, local and regional authorities around the globe are rapidly deploying regulations and initiatives to support the adoption of eco-efficient technologies.”


Dan Pettersson, SVP Mobile Equipment at Kalmar, said: “In the near future, driverless vehicles will enter the logistic operations in industrial and material handling, expanding the benefits of automation to the full logistics chain in the customer operations. We at Kalmar believe that by harnessing the power of new technologies, we will create state of the art material handling solutions with a cutting edge design that will keep our customers ahead of the game.”


Source: World Cargo News