INTESA National event will be held in Zagreb on 13th May 2022. It aims to promote INTESA deliverables as a smart solutions for safer and greener Adriatic. Digital solutions are proved to elevate the level of efficiency of ports and public services as well as to increase overall safety at sea.

PLACE: HR Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure
ADDRESS: Prisavlje 14, 10000 Zagreb Croatia

Considering that Adriatic sea is a sensitive semiclosed sea area, even more determined efforts should be done by all Adriatic states to take advantage of marine environment friendly digital solutions, together with those able to mitigate navigational risks. Joint efforts that started with INTESA will continue with the ongoing EUREKA project, involving all maritime administrations of the Adriatic-ionian sea region.

To attend the event in presence you have to confirm via mail your participation by 9th May

A live streaming link will be soon available