Port equipment manufacturer Liebherr has developed a new low-voltage frequency converter system which promises significant reduction in energy consumption and emissions.

Liduro Marine LCU 300 has been developed for vessels with a drive power of up to 5,000 kW allowing for variable-speed and stepless electric drive to achieve higher manoeuvrability in ports. It can also be used for in winches and drives on maritime cranes.

Reduced energy

Electrification is playing an increasing essential role for the reduction of energy consumption in maritime applications.

One advantage of an electric drive is higher manoeuvrability, particularly for docking manoeuvres in ports.

The new LCU 300 series. The high-efficiency, liquid2 cooled modules feature a remarkable performance due to their extraordinary power density of up to 13.5 MW/ m³ and an extensive power range from 110 kW to 2,000 kW in just two sizes.

The power modules can be configured as drive or regeneration units. They can be used in parallel operation with a common DC voltage bus for high total output, or for a partially-redundant system design.

Another considerable benefit of this system design is the high flexibility with which individual drive solutions can be realised even in compact installation spaces. This offers a wide range of possibilities for integration and layout within a control room or distribution station.

Liebherr energy storage systems, motors and generators can be simply connected to frequency converter cabinets, thereby increasing system efficiency.

Source: Maritimejournale