Able to handle all types of cargo including break bulk, the new LPS 420 E is equipped with two winches, each with a 190 kW electric motor for up to 30 cycles per hour, and a maximum outreach of up to 48m meaning ships with a size of up to Panamax class can be served. Liebherr explained the main components of the E-drive are liquid cooled and the heat is dissipated by heat exchangers. The fully closed liquid cooling system in combination with the heat exchanger is installed on top of the slewing platform. This means an overpressure unit is not necessary to prevent dust coming inside the machinery house, said the company.


With a power supply ranging from 380V to 460V and a high motor speed spread, the machine requires no gear shifting between normal and heavy load. This allows for uninterruptible power transmission from maximum load to maximum speed.

Liebherr active-front-end frequency converter means deviations in the voltage supply can be compensated for safe and stable operation. A liquid cooled and highly efficient multi-drive frequency converter system was also implemented to deal with critical conditions like limited space and harsh environmental conditions. Liebherr energy storage units can be used to reduce the peak-load in the crane main power supply and to take advantage of regenerative energy within the system. The compact unit is designed to ensure a high power storage capacity, which enables the accumulation and supply of 200 kW of power within 15 seconds.


Source: GreenPort