DockstheFuture partners define the main project outcomes

On Tuesday, 24th of November, Magellan and Circle had the pleasure of organising the Docks the Future – Defining the concept of Port of the Future event with the support of all project partners.  Over 120 participants attended the conference in order to find out more about ports, sustainability and digitalisation guided by speakers from European Commission, two important European ports, sister RIA projects and other port senior experts. Kicked off with a brand new DockstheFuture video animation, the event saw 18 excellent panellists present the Port of the Future concept, the work of DockstheFuture to define the concept and the next steps of the Network of Excellence (NoE).

Sergio Escriba (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, European Commission), Jose Fernandez Garcia (Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, European Commission) and Alexio Picco (Circle) opened the event and defined the Port of the Future concept and contextualised the initiative. After the opening speech, Isabelle Ryckbost (European Sea Ports Organisation) tackled EU Green Deal objectives and how European ports are working towards these in several ways. Fernando Liesa (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe, ETP) incorporated the physical internet element in the Port of the Future concept especially focusing on logistics innovation.

Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda (PIXEL-Ports), Margarita Kostovasili (COREALIS) and Stefanos Kokkorikos (PortForward) presented the work of the three RIA sister projects in the context of PortoftheFuture cluster cooperation and the common vision in 2030. In order to deal with disruptive innovations for ports, all three speakers underlined that the Port of the Future must have two key elements strengthened: digitalization and sustainability.

Next, Joris Claeys (PortExpertise), Sönke Maatsch (Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics), Alessio Tei (University of Genoa,) introduced the smart tools for sustainable ports. These tools include the Transferability Anaylsis (TA) of solutions to a wider range of ports in Europe, the Project Common Index (PCI) and the Decision Support System (DSS). Manuela Flachi (Magellan) concluded the tools showcase presenting the DockstheFuturetraining package created with the goal of transferring the know-how of the three tools for the port community.

Representing the active members of the Network of Excellence, Eva Perez (Port of Valencia), Sara Marques (Portof Leixões, North Portugal), Peter Bresseleers (PortExpertise) and José Sanchéz (The Worldwide Network of Port Cities, AIVP) presented the story of a successful spin off. The panellists underlined the importance of collaboration within the network in order to tackle together future challenges and the delicate relationship between Ports and cities.

The event concluded with a thorough roundtable discussion on cooperation with neighbouring countries where Leonardo Manzari (WestMed Iniative), Eduard Rodes (Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport) and Michele Acciaro (Kühne Logistics University) answered two rounds of questions on sustainability, cooperation with neighbouring countries and their priorities for the near future. Moderator and project coordinator Alexio Picco closed the event highlighting the importance of the Network of Excellence, and continuing the work done through cooperation of the whole port community.

We appreciate the presence of all panelists and attendees that contributed to the success of this event. If you are eager to witness the entire event and presentations, you can see them in the links below:



Ports of the Future: setting the scene
ESPO’s Roadmap to implement the European Green Deal – Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO
Logistics Nodes towards the Physical Internet – Fernando Liesa,

Port of the Future cluster cooperation: a common vision in 2030
RIA-CSA cooperation – PIXEL case_- o Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda, Polytechnic University of Valencia
COREALIS – Margarita Kostovasili, ICCS
PortForward – Stefanos Kokkorikos, Core-Innovation

Smart tools for Sustainable Ports
Project Common Index (PCI) – Sönke Maatsch, ISL
Transferability Analysis (TA) – Joris Claeys, PortExpertise
Decision Support System (DSS) – Alessio Tei, University of Genova
DTF Training package – Manuela Flachi, Magellan

Network of Excellence (NoE) – the story of a successful spin off
Port of Valencia, Eva Perez
Port of Leixões, Sara Marques
Port-City Relationships – José Manuel Pagés Sánchez, AIVP

Watch the recording below and click on the agenda to view each speaker directly.