DHL, the world’s leading mail and logistics company, have announced the launch of DHL SmarTrucking — an innovative trucking solution leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology.


The new solution, which is currently being rolled out across road networks in India, equips trucks with IoT sensors to provide real-time data analysis for route optimization, reducing transit times by up to 50% and providing over 95% reliability for real-time tracking.

DHL SmarTrucking aims to build a fleet of 10,000 IOT-enabled trucks by 2028.

The IOT sensors are monitored through the company’s centralized control tower, providing real-time temperature and consignment tracking for perishable goods.

Information and alerts are sent to customers and DHL SmarTruckings operations teams through the customer portal and the mobile app.

The solution was officially launched on May 23, 2018, after a successful three-month pilot covering a road network of over 2.7 million kilometres.

Board Member for Corporate Incubations, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Juergen Gerdes, said: “India is an incredibly important market for Deutsche Post DHL Group.


“Presently, road freight comprises the majority of the total freight movement and is the largest transportation segment in India.

“With greater efficiency from DHL SmarTrucking, we expect to transport 100,000 tonnes of cargo and cover a distance of approximately 4 million kilometres across India daily.”

The system utilizes an agile model which rotates drivers predetermined stops located across the country, with the original driver returning to their point of origin with another truckload.

CEO of DHL eCommerce India, Malcolm Monteiro, said: “This transportation model not only helps optimize efficiency but also reduces fatigue among drivers who spend less time on the road, enabling them to go home to their families every two to three days.

“Additionally, with the demand for temperature-controlled transportation in India estimated to grow at 15% per annum from 2016 to 2020, DHL SmarTrucking allows our customers in India to scale up and streamline their business operations to meet consumers’ needs.”


Source: Port Technology