Trucks equipped with connected technology will trial convoy driving at the Port of Rotterdam this month in a bid to make the logistics sector more efficient, safe and sustainable.

The convoy testing will see trucks scheduled as a unit and driving at a safe distance from each other, as part of Experience Week Connected Transport, during which 250 routes will be covered by 250 trucks spread over five days from six locations. Testing in the Rotterdam/Maasvlakte region will take place on 2, 4 and 5 October and a driving demo will take place at the ECT Delta Terminal gate with additional demos of new intelligent traffic control systems (TCSs) and tyre pressure checks.

Trucks at the Port of Rotterdam

Speaking about the government initiative, the Port of Rotterdam stated: “The trucks are equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), a system that maintains a constant speed and reduces speed automatically if a vehicle in front slows down. Each truck is also equipped with systems that can guide the entire convoy safely across intersections.

“Smart Traffic Control Systems (TCSs) at intersections detect the convey at an early stage, after which the convoy is shown the green light for longer, or is even given priority above other traffic.”


Traffic management

Smart traffic lights form part of Talking Traffic, a collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and multiple other stakeholders. They are currently being introduced on a national scale.

Truck routes will cross the Amsterdam-Antwerp and Rotterdam-Ruhr Region corridors and start from Helmond, Tilburg, Rotterdam/Maasvlakte, Moerdijk, Roosendaal and Aalsmeer.

The results obtained from the test week will be presented by ECT Euromax.

Source: Port strategy