COREALIS project started in Athens with the aim of defining the challenges of the ports of the future

Piraeus, Greece  – The kick-off meeting of the COREALIS project, in which the Valenciaport Foundation participates, took place on May 7-8 in Athens. The 17 project partners had the opportunity to interact and define the vision, mission and operational plan of this initiative. COREALIS, a project funded by the H2020 Program of the European Commission… Read more »



Niedersachsen Ports has launched an initiative to implement and coordinate a sustainability management system with the aim of ensuring continuous improvement of processes for a sustainable future.   Its ‘Green Port Officer’ (GPO) project across its sites consists of different sustainability measures; changing light sources from traditional halogen lights to low carbon LED lights, e.g…. Read more »


Achieving cost effective green port transformation

How can ports identify both feasible and the most effective measures to improve their environmental and economic sustainability? Dr Johannes Schmidt and Dr Nils Kemme from HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH and Dr.Lars-Peter Lauven from the University of Göttingen present their approach to achieving this goal.   Drivers and barriers For the maritime industry worldwide,… Read more »