Shipping Industry Launches New Security Resources for World Fleet

International shipping industry organisations, with military support, have launched a new website dedicated to providing comprehensive maritime security guidance to companies and mariners. Launched today, the new website www.maritimeglobalsecurity.org provides security-related guidance produced by the industry as well as links to other useful maritime and military security resources.  “In a world of increasingly complex security risks, it… Read more »


Scuola Italiana Logistico Portuale is adopt new purpose

The recent reform of Italy’s national port system (Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale – AdSP) does just affect the operations of the ports themselves, but also of port work and training for workers. “These changes envisage new tools to allow the retraining and redeployment of port workers, where necessary, and ensure adequate training paths, a chapter… Read more »


ILO Moves to Protect Abducted Seafarers’ Wages

Working committee of the International Labor Organization has endorsed an amendment to the Maritime Labor Convention that would ensure the payment of seafarers’ wages while they are held captive by pirates. At present, according to the International Transport Workers’ Federation, there is a potential contractual gap for seafarers who are unlucky enough to be kidnapped… Read more »