Port-City Redevelopment and the Circular Economy Agenda in Europe

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By Reza Karimpour In the era of globalisation, our world is in transition and there are challenges every day, such as climate change, and natural resource depletion. These environmental challenges threaten our lives and necessitate taking measures to transition toward resilient and reliable low-carbon developments. In this context, sustainability has recently gained substantial attention across sectors. In the face… Read more »

Docks the Future is organising a workshop to showcase its Project Common Index (PCI) tool and to measure their innovativeness and transferability

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  Docks the Future is organising a workshop to showcase its Project Common Index (PCI) tool for evaluating port-related projects with the common scope of ” PortoftheFuture “and to measure their innovativeness and transferability.   19 May  9:00-12:00 CEST  press@circletouch.eu The workshop welcomes ports experts to join us on 19 May 2020 from 9-12 am CEST. For… Read more »

Docks The Future project’s workshop on port KPIs and port evaluation tool

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  WORKSHOP 19 MAY ON PCI-PROJECT COMMON INDEX The EU-funded port project ‘DocksTheFuture’ project has been dealing with current and future challenges within the European port sector. In this context, we have developed a KPI set and a project evaluation tool that helps to illustrate the contribution of individual port projects to different objectives and to compare… Read more »

DocksTheFuture – The Network Of Excellence towards the Port of Tomorrow

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          DocksTheFuture is a voluntary cooperative Network of Excellence gathering the most innovative ports willing to team up and take actions to support the maritime community achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, using the opportunities given by International funding programmes such as the ones set by the EU Green Deal.   WHY WE ARE… Read more »

Docks The Future’s 2nd International Consultative Committee (ICC) meeting was held on 28 April 2020

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The second International Consultative Committee’s meeting of the DocksTheFuture project took place on 28 April 2020 between 10-11.     The Objective of the conf.call was: How to develop the “ Relation with Med & Neighbouring Countries”, and to add a specific chapter on this topic to the Deliverable D.5 of the project.  For this purpose,… Read more »

Ports on the move to become Global Logistics Information Exchange Hubs

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Ports are taking significant strides with digital transformation and are starting to declare themselves as “smart.” The result is impressive gains in operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. Smart ports have the opportunity to establish themselves as logistics information exchange hubs serving their regional transport ecosystem.  As ports digitalize their processes, they establish foundations… Read more »

The European Green Deal: New Opportunities for Port Cities?

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20 Apr 2020 Stephan Hauser With the European Green Deal made public last December, the new European Commission took the first steps to transforming Europe into the first climate neutral continent by 2050. The Green Deal offers a wide range of climate policies and measures that directly affect European cities and citizens. Whereas port cities are high… Read more »

How international business can move beyond travel amid the Coronavirus(COVID19) epidemia?

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Spinview: Amidst the stockpiling from supermarkets and the fast adoption of face worn air filters, much has been written about how people are defending themselves against the spread of Coronavirus, the latest respiratory threat making its way across the globe. Few, however, are questioning how the international business will be affected by government travel warnings… Read more »

Spinview: Putting your world in their hands by virtual reality

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Virtual reality (VR) The availability of a wide range of big data applications will lead to opportunities for port operators, logistics firms, and service providers to take advantage of simulation software. In this respect, different port operations could be modelled to analyze operational flows, identify the possible barriers, and evaluate various scenarios of design and… Read more »