Docks The Future: Stakeholders Consultation Proceedings Deliverable

The goal of this deliverable is to present the main outputs and outcomes of a stakeholder consultation launched the 14th of September, aimed at collecting their vision about the Port of the Future. This deliverable describes the main characteristics of the involved stakeholders, the methodology followed to carry out the consultation, the key findings and… Read more »


Docks The Future will be presented to the audiences at BILOG 2019

  BILOG is an agreement signed by La Spezia Port Authority and Municipality of Piacenza in order to create a special event on sustainable, connected and resilient topics with a European spin. The Forum will analyses the regional and European dimensions, on the transport and maritime investments, highlighting the importance of cohesion between the players of the… Read more »


Docks The Future was presented in the Baltic Port Conference (BPC2019) in Stockholm

The Baltic Ports Conference (BPC)  the most important annual event for the organization, as all BPO members, other participants and guests joined together to discuss the key and urgent issues for the port business. It was first and foremost a great networking platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between various stakeholders making up… Read more »